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Botanical walks Le Ver Bleu : 2 projects

  • Botanical walks 4 saisons | nature


The plant world as a whole is found on an infinite palette of shapes and aspects. Our way of approaching vegetation in this context is of precious interest: reconnecting the knowledge of plants with their cycle during the seasons. Over a year we invite you to take part in four botanical walks on a simple circuit that we have selected and that we will see evolve.

2020 | Botanical walks 4 saisons | Coastal path Banyuls-sur-mer

2021-2022 | Botanicak walks 4 saisons | Waterfall trail "Baoussous" Céret

2022-2023 | Botanical walks 4 saisons | Natural reserve Mas Larrieu Argelès-sur-mer

How does Le Ver Bleu prepare for field trips?

For the organization of our walks we carry out an on-site location one or two weeks before the animation and we take photographs of the plants. We then perform further identification using botanical books and internet searches. We then look in our books for the properties, uses and history of some of these plants. Finally, we draw up a field booklet serving as a support and containing the list of plants identified or partially identified as well as some photographs of the latter.

Themes about rides

  • the plant landscape through the seasons

  • plant identification

  • introduction to uses, properties and ethnobotany

  • Botanical walks on nature unique

You want to take part in a botanical walk in English  contact us

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